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Jeeto Pakistan of ARY Digital Game Show

Jeeto Pakistan of ARY Digital Game Show

Jeeto Pakistan Show | One fine evening, as I was making my way through the corridor; a loud chant grabbed my attention. “KAUN SA DABBA KHOLEIN?” (Which box should be opened?) I turned around to see a bunch of kids encircling a swing along with a young school boy characterized as Fahad Mustafa, the mesmerizing anchor of the ever-popular TV game show.

Jeeto Pakistan
Jeeto Pakistan

Popular of Game Show Jeeto Pakistan

The show knows no limits of its popularity. The glory of Jeeto Pakistan has crossed the national boundaries to embezzle the audience residing in India, UK, USA, Dubai, Saudi Arabia as well. No matter to which culture, nationality, religion or ethnicity one belongs, they all love the way the entertainment show has catered their need to smile. Perhaps this is what an entertainment show truly means!

After hypnotizing the people of Karachi, Jeeto Pakistan frequently holds its shows at special occasions in other parts of the country as well such as in Islamabad and Lahore. As Jeeto Pakistan the ARY Digital is based in Dubai, so an event was also held there to enthral the international fans as well.

Jeeto Pakistan Show Registration

When Jeeto Pakistan comes to becoming the part of the show, or having a desire to watch Fahad live distributing prizes and looting the charm; all you have to do is to know your own name, CNIC and contact number (simple as that) Jeeto Pakistan. You may contact at 111-279-111 or simply text the details at 0337-0359-527 and be the part of the show you were dreaming to appear in. You may also fill up a registration form online to get your pass.

Selection of participants in jeeto Pakistan:

Jeeto Pakistan
Jeeto Pakistan

The contestants are randomly selected from the audience in Jeeto Pakistan and are given a chance to win loads of prizes upon completion of certain tasks within a certain time. The prizes range in Jeeto Pakistan dozens of gold ounces, lavishing cars, luxurious houses, plots, home appliances, motorbikes to certain funny items such as winning a water-melon. Some lucky participants are also given the opportunity to play from their homes through Live calls and win exciting gifts.

Different Segments of jeeto Pakistan:

The 2 hour show is divided into various segments in Jeeto Pakistan like Khul gai Qismat & Baat Banti hai being some of the most popular. In the former segment, two of the lucky families participating in the show get a chance to win a plethora of prizes simply by selecting a box-number between 1-25. In Jeeto Pakistan In case the families fail to pinpoint the car scoring box, the host then calls up random audience to be the part of game.

In another segment of Jeeto Pakistan, some men are called to reveal their dancing talent. The hilarious moves displayed by the amateurs burst the audience into laughter. Jeeto Pakistan The winner is then selected through the public voting.Some of the segments include the completion of certain chuckle some tasks like hitting your partner with a water-filled balloon, eat the most strawberries with your hands tied at the back, roll a bicycle tyre through the pipes, unbolt the nuts etc.

The last but not the least segment of , “Baat Banti hai” is the real loot show where a lucky family gets a chance to win 50 tola of gold, worth Rs/-25 Lakhs along with a deal box concealing dozen of prizes. All the participants of Jeeto Pakistan have to do is to keep the wealthiest box from opening till the end. The last box which stays with the contestant is the one that is to be won by him. The rest of the gold is gone as soon as they are opened. In Jeeto Pakistan fun part starts where Fahad confuses the respondent to such a level as to which offer the should go; then suddenly a voice comes from behind “Le Le” which further perplexes him. But at the end of the day, it is all the matter of pure luck and the person’s intuition that decides his fate.

Scandals of Jeeto Pakistan Show:

Owing to the its popularity , the show Jeeto Pakistan has also become the victim of the sham scandals. A number of cases are reported where people are called from some unknown source, claiming they are the representatives of Jeeto Pakistan and the correspondent has won so and so worth of gold or car etc. The ignorant, blind-folded by greed, get into the trap and end up losing their hard-earned money (in addition to the promised prize). The contest strictly forbids its watchers to never believe in such calls except if they are made by Fahad Mustafa himself during the show.


The light-hearted conversations of Fahad with the audience, the craze of doing literally anything to win a bike, the fun of watching the anchor climbing up the cars, all .For that reason I think, there’s still a long way to go when this enchanting game-show will turn from a fad to a fade.

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